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Exchange Products

Producto de intercambio

Exchange Products

Exchange products are refurbished products that we exchange for products that require repair.

It's very simple. You ask us for an exchange product because yours needs to be repaired. We send you a refurbished product and, in turn, you send us that product for repair.

How does this whole process work? First of all, you should pay the price of the refurbished product that we will send you. At the same time, you would send us your product for repair. Once your product is repaired and validated for exchange, we will refund the stipulated money, so that its final price is the exchange price.

In each product, you will be able to visualize what is the price to pay for the exchange, an amount always lower than the price of the refurbished product,since you have sent us a product for repair.

This option allows you to receive a refurbished product and, once replaced on your computer, you can send us yours for repair. Then, you will be refunded the marked price. If, for example, you have a product that, from time to time, fails but still works, you would not need to take it out, send it to repair and stop the installation until you receive that product repaired. You would only have to request an exchange. Then, you would get a refurbished product so that you can replace it with the one that does not work properly. And finally, you would send us yours so that we could proceed to its immediate repair.

It should also be clarified that we do not take care of the postage of the product that you would send us and these are at your expense. In addition, the product has to be validated for repair.

Once you ask us for an exchange product or several exchange products,you will receive the necessary instructions and the address where you should send the exchange product so that we can bring it back to life, giving it back its usual operability.

It is also very important to note that all exchange products have a 1-year warranty with which we ensure their correct operation.

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